“EPI-Heroes all year round” – an extraordinary charity calendar is now available!

The action was attended by brave women who together created an amazing calendar. On its pages you can see a photographs of twelve female EPI-HEROes and read about their lives – passions, values they follow and tips for others. They are modern artists, enterprising businesswomen, independent single women, caring mothers or loving partners.

Each of them fulfills itself professionally, intellectually. They create, travel, discover themselves and the world. They just live life to the fullest. They are of different ages, have different professions, come from different parts of the country, but they have two things in common: epilepsy and approach to life – each of them is not given to it.

The calendar includes photos by Marta Honestek, known for capturing extraordinary emotions and bringing out inner beauty. The heroines appeared in stylizations from the Muvlo brand, whose aim is to make women aware of their beauty and encourage them to develop. The patron of the calendar is also the pharmaceutical company Accord, which willingly engages in educational activities related to the subject of epilepsy.

The total income from the sale of the calendar will support the foundation in further activities related to the m.in the prevention of social exclusion of people with epilepsy.

To receive an unusual calendar “EPI-BOHATERs throughout the year”, a donation of not less than PLN 69.90 should be made to the account of the EPI-HERO Foundation. Importantly, in the title of the transfer, you should enter your full correspondence address, name and surname and telephone number for the courier.



KRS: 0000899757

Ul. Kolbaczewska 8

02-879 Warszawa


Bank account(: NEST BANK/ PL04 1870 1045 2078 1070 2232 0001